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Auto Trader and MINI’s Great British Weekends

Auto Trader and MINI’s Great British Weekends initiative is an example of how combining rich editorially integrated branded content and data and insight can form a highly effective creative solution.


MINI approached us to create a Creative Solution that would engage prospective fans with exciting bespoke content while reminding consumers of the iconic Britishness of the brand. It had to tell the story that no matter what life-stage you’re in, there’s a MINI model for you.


Because cars play such a key role as social enablers we painted MINI Cars as the ultimate gatekeepers of weekend good times and memories. Part of the way we told the story was to align a different member of our Editorial Team to a different MINI model based on their personalities and interests. 

Based on their preferences we created three short films where we celebrated the Weekend with the selected MINI model, with its attributes and features defining the story narrative.

Competition Time! 

To drive more interaction we also ran a competition offering one lucky winner the chance to tailor-make their own MINI Great British Weekend, based on one of our films’ themes. Our free prize winner would have access to a MINI for an entire weekend, choose an activity and stay in one of the nation’s most picturesque cities. 



Unique users engaged for an average dwell-time of 1 min 30 secs each over three months


Hand-raisers recruited by entering the competition and wanting to find out more info on MINI


People who interacted with the content & videos went onto buy a MINI in the real-world


Visitors who interacted with the Hub content were 43% more likely to search for a MINI