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AutoTrader and Infiniti team up

AutoTrader and Infiniti team up to create new brand partnership showcasing the marquee’s design and innovation credentials.

The purpose of this project is to create a celebration of Infiniti as an OEM known for innovative, premium high-tech cars. A core mission is to raise awareness of their marquee in the UK Market by creating a standout presence positioning Infiniti as a leading luxury manufacturer competing with Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, etc. targeting a premium high-earning wealthy audience.

Infiniti chose AutoTrader as their solus partner for this activity due to our brand recognition in the market, size, reach and editorial influence in the automotive content space as well as the fact we are the biggest UK automotive market place able to drive sales of their product.

The solution involved creating a marquee presence designed to engage and educate consumers with premium content in the form of the bespoke content hub viewable below:


See what we did for Infiniti


The core messaging is about promoting Infiniti’s USPs of unique cutting-edge design, innovation and performance with a plethora of bespoke content crafted by our editorial team focussing on these areas, bringing their current product range to life and also announcing some of their future pending vehicles such as the Q30 and QX30. Part of the content suite we are creating is short films / video content designed to bring-to-life Infiniti’s various models.