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  • We're reaching twice as many new car buyers as any other automotive website.

At the heart of the UK’s car buying process, we help you reach your audience at every stage of the car buying journey.

Using website data and insight, and a range of innovative and custom display formats, you can target users wherever they are - on mobile, desktop and tablet.


monthly desktop visits.


of our customers now use smartphones.


of our consumers are actively in the market for a car.


more visits from new carshoppers than any other site.

UK’s automotive audience

To better understand the car buying process and create more impactful products and solutions, we took a look at the latest market data. We found car buyers can be separated into four distinct profiles.

car lovers

Actively interested in the car buying process & positive about it overall.

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Conventional showroom shoppers

Disengaged with process of car buying & less exposed to research.

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deal hunters

Are motivated by getting the best prices & most likely to buy and sell privately.

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Uncomfortable buyers & sellers

Diligent in doing research & use trusted sources to make decisions.

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Confident Car Lovers

 Automotive population.

Confident buyers / sellers who are assertive negotiators.

Car enthusiasts who enjoy researching cars.

Open to different ways of buying and selling — private or trade.

Conventional Showroom Shoppers

Automotive population.

Confident in negotiations, but find process a bit of a hassle.

Most likely to know make and model before buying.

Doing least research.

Modern Deal Hunters

Automotive population.

Bargain-hunters, who prefer to buy and sell cars with other private individuals.

Carry out research with our competitors (eBay, Gumtree, Motors).

Social media and tech savvy.

Uncomfortable Buyers and Sellers

Automotive population.

Lack confidence and want face to face in the buying and selling process.

Likely to do a lot of research and rely on trusted and high-quality sources to help them make the right decision.

Likely to buy and sell with dealers.

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* Google Analytics September 2014