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The Automotive market

What do prospective buyers really think about the future of the motor industry?

We frequently speak to our users to form a better understanding of attitudes towards buying and selling cars, as well as their view on the wider economy. Here’s what we found out.

Top 5 technologies car buyers are prepared to pay more for in the future
They value car safety advances and development

55% of Auto Trader users say they would pay more for advanced safety features. By 2020, almost two thirds of car buyers fully expect new cars to have autonomous emergency braking and half expect to see auto speed-limiting technology in their vehicles.

As well as seeing a surge in sales of low emission cars, this year 22% of motorists bought a car that helped reduce running costs.

Our research
Owners Guide - Futurology 2013

We spoke to 3,000 motorists to gauge their views on road safety and new vehicle technologies, with trend forecasting provided by leading futurist, Ian Pearson.

Owners Guide - Green Cars 2013

We spoke to motorists to understand their attitudes towards green cars and which manufacturers they rate as doing the most in this area.

Auto Trader Quarterly Buying Survey

A quarterly quantitative study among 1,000 car owners to understand attitudes towards buying and selling cars, as well as their view on the wider economy.

The Future of Motoring Q4 2012

We surveyed 3,495 motorists and collaborated with leading futurist Ian Pearson to explore the anticipated evolution in motoring over the years to come; everything from soaring running costs to the possibility of flying cars.

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