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Car buyer behaviour

Is it time to say goodbye to the traditional forecourt?

Today, half of consumers visit just one dealership before buying a car, reducing the influence retailers can have on prospective buyers. So what’s changed?

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When are they looking?

Over two thirds of motorists are searching for a new car between 6-9pm and 57% of buyers expect a response within just 4 hours, even if it’s outside traditional working hours.

How are they browsing?

59% of Auto Trader users now use their smartphone to search for cars, that’s 6.5x higher than in 2010. And those who employ smartphones during the buying process purchase their car quicker on average.

How are they converting?

9 in 10 Auto Trader users visit retailer websites before stepping onto forecourts, with 45% of those only calling a salesperson when they feel ready to purchase.

Our research
Auto Trader
Quarterly Buying Survey
(Apr-Jun 2015)

Our 6th report shows a more detailed picture of the latest consumer trends and attitudes, helping us to gain a better understanding of the market and predict future fluctuations around new/used car sales.

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Auto Trader
Quarterly Buying Survey
(Jan-Mar 2015)

Our 5th quarterly overview highlights more key automotive trends within the consumer marketplace - in particular how seasonality and the economy impacts consumer sentiment.

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Auto Trader
Quarterly Buying Survey
(Oct-Dec 2014)

A survey conducted of 1,000 UK motorists with the purpose of better understanding the latest car buying trends, specifically amongst consumers that bought or are looking to buy a car.

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Car Buying Interactions

Research study using the Auto Trader audience examining the expectations of car buyers from dealers in terms of how present their vehicles to how quickly they expect a response.

The Car Buyer Journey 2014

One of the largest consumer journey studies in the UK, tracking new car buying behaviour across all touchpoints from beginning to end allowing us to understand how their attitudes correlated (or contradicted) their actual behaviour.

Car Buying Diary 2014

We tracked the purchase journey of motorists on Auto Trader over a 12 week period which allowing us to understand how buying and selling were interrelated areas, as well as their interactions with manufacturer sites.

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