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Trends and technology

See how technology is changing the way consumers search and buy cars.

With more paths to purchase than ever, manufacturers have the opportunity to reach in-market buyers at every touch point of their journey.

Research on the forecourt

Incredibly, a quarter of motorists are now using their smartphone to carry out research on dealership forecourts, enabling you to reach prospective buyers right up until the point of purchase.

Buyers still want human interaction

Although consumers have an abundance of information at their fingertips, it is clear that human interaction still has a place going forward. Already 6% of car buyers have bought a new or used car using an instant messenger or chat function, with 18% saying they would be more likely to buy from a company who provided a chat service.

Our research
Owners Guide - Futurology 2013

We spoke to 3,000 motorists to gauge their views on road safety and new vehicle technologies, with trend forecasting provided by leading futurist, Ian Pearson.

Car Buying Interactions

Research study using the Auto Trader audience examining the expectations of car buyers from dealers in terms of how present their vehicles to how quickly they expect a response.

The Car Buyer Journey 2014

One of the largest consumer journey studies in the UK, tracking new car buying behaviour across all touchpoints from beginning to end allowing us to understand how their attitudes correlated (or contradicted) their actual behaviour.

The Future of Motoring Q4 2012

We surveyed 3,495 motorists and collaborated with leading futurist Ian Pearson to explore the anticipated evolution in motoring over the years to come; everything from soaring running costs to the possibility of flying cars.

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