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Billboard & DMPU in Content Hub

Target a highly engaged audience whilst they are consuming Auto Trader Auto content

Influence our users whilst they are researching their next car purchase.

What is it?

Opportunity to present your message within our automotive content to influence our users' vehicle consideration whilst they are reading the most up-to-date automotive articles hosted within our content hub, helping them validate their shortlist.

How it works?

Utilising our largest high impact formats (billboard & DMPU) aligned to the content our users are reading in one of the most engaged areas of our site.

Why this option?

Access a highly engaged audience as they consume our automotive content. Highly effective and visible new car advertising opportunity to a relevant and engaged audience.

Autotrader partners with third party technologies including Doubleclick to deliver efficient media buying.

Our unique audience data can help you identify, target and connect with exactly who you need to, at all stages of the purchasing journey.