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Cross-platform Homepage Takeover

Influence our audience at the early stage of their car buying journey.

Place your brand centre stage with our most commanding and unmissable creative opportunity.

What is it?

Cross-platform HPTO is our largest high impact format delivered on the Auto Trader Homepage. Served seamlessly across desktop and mobile web, it presents an opportunity to influence thousands of car buyers at the start of their buying journey and prior to making any vehicle search choice.

How it works?

The opportunity for your brand to take a 24/48 hour tenancy across 2-tier options:

Tier1: Full size homepage takeover canvas on desktop and expander full-page unit in mobile.

Tier 2: Billboard + Skin on Desktop and Cover unit on mobile web.

Why this option?

Open exclusively to automotive manufacturers and giving you 100% share of voice, the execution is highly effective at increasing brand visibility as well as higher user engagement. With 11m+ monthly homepage views and an average 52 seconds spent on the homepage per visit, ensure your message is centre stage.

Autotrader partners with third party technologies including Doubleclick to deliver efficient media buying.

Our unique audience data can help you identify, target and connect with exactly who you need to, at all stages of the purchasing journey.