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Cross-platform InSearch Video

Putting your TV advert directly into the focus area of our users.

Influence our audience within the highest and most engaging search traffic area of our website.

What is it?

InSearch video is a cross-platform native ad solution that puts your advert directly into the focus area of our users. 

How it works?

The InSearch creative follows the form and function of the search experience with the addition of a Lightbox canvas that is activated when the InSearch placement is clicked.

Note: Possibility for our in-house creative team to create the video content hosted in the Lightbox

Why this option?

The impact of using Auto Trader in combination with TV is significantly greater than that of using TV alone. Used as a TV companion, the InSearch Video execution gives the user more in-depth information, generating higher engagement levels through the inclusion of the video asset.

Autotrader partners with third party technologies including Doubleclick to deliver efficient media buying.

Our unique audience data can help you identify, target and connect with exactly who you need to, at all stages of the purchasing journey.