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Manufacturer Solutions

Improve your ROI with efficient targeting.

Bid in an auction environment every time your target audience appears onsite.

What is it?

Programmatic buying offers a 100% transparent pricing model and precise segmentation enabling us to create varying levels of targeting for your brand depending on their needs.

How it works?

You bid in an auction environment, via our SSP Rubicon, in order to access inventory and find relevant users searching on specific car segments.

Why this option?

Options include all standard IAB formats and 9 Automotive Segments split by the SMMT Classifications e.g. Supermini, Dual.

Supported browsers
Safari 7+
(Inc. iOS 6+)
Chrome 35+
Firefox 30+
IE 9+

We also work with over 70 of the best-certified vendors, for more information please contact the team.

Autotrader partners with third party technologies including Doubleclick to deliver efficient media buying.

Our unique audience data can help you identify, target and connect with exactly who you need to, at all stages of the purchasing journey.